Walking around the neighborhood

📷 Spent some time in the city

My supervisor is not pleased with my work at all!

Wickham Park over the weekend

🎨 My wife’s latest - inspired by one of her favorite Turner’s

I’m also excited about real widgets on the iPad Home Screen. I have a few “screens” on my phone, depending on what I’m doing:

For when I first wake up:

General use and “out and about”:

And during work:

my “iPad at work” setup


📷 Short walk around the lake this afternoon

📷 Out and about the past few weekends. A bit cool but warming up

📷 Out and about

📷 well all the snow melting made a new river behind our house

📚 just picked up Snow Crash as it was req’d by a friend and I’m really digging it. Does anyone happen to have any other suggestions in a similar style?

🎨 Wife is working on a new painting. Think she’s killing this one, as usual.

📷 Wife and I have been getting out and exploring Connecticut a bit the past few weekends

Hello, world! Anyone else around here from CT? Power out for 4 days now…

Anyone ever have this problem where Home falls off of the iOS app switcher? I use it all the time and as best I can tell the only way to get it back is restart the device

📷 Sunshine and rain

📷 Working from home

📷 Can’t get over how awesome CT is

📷 🐕 🐈 Oh and can’t forget the pets. Kassidy, Jane, and Cookie!

I’m no artist. My wonderful wife however is amazing so I’ll submit a work in progress she’s working on now as #inktober…does it still count? ☺️

We moved to Connecticut and it’s wonderful here